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The free link is the same links that refer to websites on other websites and encourage users to visit another site. In fact, they are ranking the reference site. Google is also encouraged to see these links and review them. Increase the credibility of that site and increase the so-called Domain Authority site. What if we now want to give a free link to the site. Free links are listed below.

Free Website Backlinks for SEO

Links to the site with open comments

Since some of the sites have left the comments, you can put them in the comments section of the site and put a few blocks on the site. These sites, either at the request of the owner of the site or because of their ignorance, remain open and can link the comments.

Website Designer 97 is planning a weekly free site free download site to advertise the site for free.

First website:

Second website:

Third website:

Fourth Website:

Website 5:

Link Guidance Commentary:

Since all websites are embedded in the text, you can go to the website’s HTML editor, and then paste the html code in the comments section of the websites above to increase the site’s Alexa Ranking.

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