keyword seo tools

it’s no secret that keyword research is

the most important part of any SEO

campaign keywords determine your content

your competition even your customers but

how can you find high-volume profitable

keywords that your competition doesn’t

know about without needing weeks of

research or expensive keyword research

software i’m brian dean the founder of

backlinko the place of marketers turn

for high rankings and more traffic and

in this video i’m going to show you five

of my all-time favorite keyword research

strategies for finding underground

keyword opportunities that your

competition doesn’t know about keep

watching it turns out that most people

go about keyword research the complete

wrong way what am I talking about what

most people start off their keyword

research process they fire up the good

old Google Keyword planner but believe

it or not the Google Keyword planner is

one of the last places you want to look

for awesome keyword ideas for your

business and the reason I say that is

because there’s two huge problems with

the Google Keyword planner the first one

is that it tends to give you very close

variations of the keyword that you put

into it so for example if you put the

keyword weightloss into the planner it

spits out really close variations like

weight loss tips and weight loss

strategies it doesn’t give you

intelligent related keywords like

nutrition or exercise or things like


the other problem is it tends to give

the same exact keywords to pretty much

everybody including your competition so

in order to find keywords that are

profitable and your competition doesn’t

know about you need to step outside of

the Google Keyword planner and use one

of the five strategies that I’m going to

outline for you in this video so let’s

start off with one of my all-time

favorite keyword research goldmines

forms now I’ll admit forms are a little

bit old-school but where else can you

find a place where your target audience

hangs out and has discussions 24/7 so in

order to use forms you want to head over

to a forum and look at threads that

people have started and usually when

someone starts a thread in a forum it

means that they don’t know the answer to

the question or they’re having a problem

that they can’t find a solution to

online and these are the same types of

words and phrases that they use when

they head

to Google and use Google search so there

are great keywords for you to put into

the Google Keyword planner to drill down

specifics like monthly search volume and

cost for click so next up we have

Wikipedia one of the most underutilized

keyword research resources online where

else can you find topics that are

curated by thousands of experts and

organized into neat little categories to

use Wikipedia for keyword research is

head over to Wikipedia and enter a broad

keyword related to your niche so for

example let’s say that you’re a personal

trainer you head over to Wikipedia and

put in a broad keyword like fitness and

then when you look at that Wikipedia

entry take a look at the content on that

page each of the contents are basically

seed keywords that you can put into the

Google Keyword planner to see the search

volume and also to generate new keyword

ideas so the next strategy is a little

bit weird it’s a way to use Google to

find keyword ideas without using the

Google Keyword planner so there’s this

little area at the bottom of Google’s

search results that you may not have

even noticed and it’s one of the best

places to find new keyword ideas it’s

called searches related to and such as

related to is basically Google’s way of

showing you the matically related

keywords so the keyword that you put in

it so to use searches related to just

enter a keyword related to your niche

like again if your personal trainer you

can put something like fitness scroll

down to the bottom of the page and look

at searches related to a lot of times

these are keywords that the Google

Keyword planner will never show you and

sometimes they’re closed variations to

the keyword put in there but a lot of

times they’re more like keywords that

are related but are something that’s a

little bit

tangentially related so it’s something

that the Google Keyword planner would

never ever show you believe it or not

but Amazon is one of my all-time

favorite keyword research websites so

you’re probably wondering how do you use

Amazon for keyword research well just

head over to Amazon enter a keyword in

the books section and find a popular

book in your niche then click on look

inside and this will show you the table

of contents of that book and basically

each chapter within the table of

contents or great keyword ideas in and

of themselves and there are also great

seed keywords that you can put into the

Google Keyword planner to find some

clothes variations so the four

strategies that have showed you so far

but I think you’ll agree that I’ve saved

the best for last last stuff we have the

holy grail of keyword research Quorra

calm now if you’re not familiar with it

core calm is basically like Yahoo

Answers except the answers are actually

useful and another feature that has

really nice is that when you search for

a keyword in court it shows you the most

popular questions which basically means

things that people are interested in in

other words keywords that people search

for in Google so just head over to core

comm and put in a keyword related to

your niche and you can find questions

and answers so you actually want to look

at the questions find keywords that come

up again and again put those into the

Google Keyword planner and you can also

read the threads themselves to see if

there are any follow-up questions which

are also potentially really great

keyword ideas are you looking for more

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