School web design in Tehran

With the increasing number of schools in Tehran, and the need for students to have high-quality curriculum and more interaction among primary school students, a platform or digital mediator is needed. Due to the growing number of social networks such as Telegram and Instagram, school communication is completed, but structural and individual communication is good! what does Read more about School web design in Tehran […]


What is design? Types of design and design models, along with research on design types along with their philosophy. Design has different meanings in different fields. The meaning of the word in past dictionaries is “Designer’s practice and work.” Rarity Mapping Draw a map on paper, with a harp or pencil or on the ground with gypsum and the like. Painting “ Read more about Designing […]

WordPress WordPress Theme Shop

With the impressive increase of work with WordPress, the use of this site has been enhanced by a professional maker and many online stores have been used by the WordPress store, including Woocammerce, in English woocommerce. Woocampers is a very powerful add-on for making online stores. There are many ways to build a store, but the most Read more about WordPress WordPress Theme Shop […]

Site design price

Site price? How much does it cost to buy a site and build it? Is there a lot of website or corporate site prices? Cheap site design price ? ! To find out the answer to these questions, you are welcome to read this article at the cost of designing and pricing the site with various features. Pay attention to: In the table below, in the form of Read more about Site design price […]

Alexa Rank – What is Alexa Rank ? is it Important?

Basically, we all love rating with numbers so we can compare them and understand their differences. Websites are not the same, and the need for a web site ranking may be a great deal and make it better, but why Alexa’s site ranking is  not so famous? Because people are more likely not to trust these statistics because the basic Read more about Alexa Rank – What is Alexa Rank ? is it Important? […]

Weebly free site builder

Weebly Design Site Infinite Bandwidth. Simple and basic storefront. Domain name extension (such as: Weebly is a great and great site. Working with this site is easy. If you are comfortable using the site, it’s important for you to use this web site. Weebly has the best quality and quality when it comes to making money Read more about Weebly free site builder […]

ucraft design company

Many companies work in the area of ​​free site design and site creation , but some of these sitemakers offer many capabilities for users, one of these is the ucraft design company. The best offer – with plenty of features and plans compared to its rivals Free Domain Park Domain Domains are Still Available ( A small advertisement scrolls down from your site Create Read more about ucraft design company […]