Alexa Rank – What is Alexa Rank ? is it Important?

Basically, we all love rating with numbers so we can compare them and understand their differences. Websites are not the same, and the need for a web site ranking may be a great deal and make it better, but why Alexa’s site ranking is  not so famous? Because people are more likely not to trust these statistics because the basic question to be asked is what does Alexa measure? According to the website, Alexa ranked sites based on how the site works over all other sites on the Internet in the last 3 months.) Which, according to this explanation, will also cause further suspicion. How to work what does it mean?! Well, all right, go for more details.


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A little bit of Alexa’s history

Alexa was formed in 1996 in the United States under the auspices of the Amazon Company   (in 1999, Amazon) in California, USA . The company is specialized in the promotion and traffic of advertising data. These data are obtained by toolbar and internet browser extensions such as google chrome and internet explorer. By installing the program on the internet browsers, Alexa stores all their pages and addresses of the pages, and this way they fill the websites ranking. What is Alexa’s all about Alexa Rank is a measure of ranking of sites over the past 3 months.

How Alexa Rank and Rank Are Calculated?

According to the Alexa website’s official website on our data page  , the Alexa Rank is based on a combination of the average daily average visitor count of the site and the number of hits on the pages of that site over the past 3 months. Accordingly, the Alexa Rank 1 site should have the most visitors and the largest number of pages viewed. These statistics are collected through the subset of Internet users who have installed one of the 25,000 browser add-ons for Google Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer. Alexa Algorithm then adjusts statistics based on the number of users who have been in the patch (but did not have Alexa extension), and normalizes the data with the criteria of the geographic location of Internet users. Visit the Alexa tab page to get the alexa counterpart .

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How can Alexa Rank a Website?

At the very least, this is a very straightforward question, just go to the Alexa site information page and type your domain name completely and hit the find button. Then scroll to the bottom of the page and see Alexa’s metrics including Bounce Rate and Daily Pageviews per visitor, with graphs and other useful information, such as similar sites and sites that have the most links to the site. All in this There are statistics. And ultimately the most important is Alexa Rank or Alexa Ranking.


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What does Alexa mean?

Since the Web world is changing rapidly and there are many ways to circumvent such measures, it might easily be possible to circumvent Alexa’s benchmark and gain Alex’s rank, or perhaps because of Alex’s lack of access. This statistics is totally wrong for some sites. Alexa’s site has a transition point in its ranking and it’s ranked 1000000. If you pass through this rating, you will receive more information and reviews from the site and the site’s audience, but the experience has proven that only sites rated below 20,000 are ranked almost right in the ranking and the rating 1 closer, this ranking is closer to reality.

Why are people unwilling to use Alexa statistics?

It turns out that a large number of people and webmasters of sites accessed the best and most reliable web analytics analyst , Google Analytics,   which was found by comparing different sites with similar statisticians that Alexa rankings were wrong. When it comes to very famous websites, the statistics get even more accurate and consistent with reality.

Is Alexa ranking important?

For most site owners, it’s important to work on their site over the entire Internet, but my suggestion is to use Google’s most valuable information to take advantage of the anticipated and revised Alexa site data. However, when they look at the competitor’s Alexa Rank and compare it to their website, they are thinking of a slight drop, but remember what your goal is. If your goal is to increase the visitor’s satisfaction, then forget about the Alexa Rank, but if you are thinking of deceiving others, then change your Alexa Rank.

How to reduce Alexa’s rank?

Well, the Alexa Rank depends on the number of users who have installed the Alexa plugin. So, in the first step, install Alexa in your browser and your employees and friends, and visit the site and browse pages. Another way is to put a lot of links on sites with high visibility. The next step is to promote visitors to the site to install the alexa plugins. For example, I’ll give Alexa training on this site and this will reduce my site rank. The method is currently the other way of virtual visiting sites and using javascript code and site sharing that is not included in this discussion.


I personally hope that Alexa’s site will continue to investigate and, based on available information, make this information more accurate and more realistic, in order to really have a real system of authentication on the Internet and we can use it more confidently.

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